One system - millions of applications
Store green energy reliably; transport and use it on the go!
Store green energy reliably!
Possibly, the greatest challenge when using renewable energies entails storage!
Use green energy on the go!
The GreenPack standard rechargeable battery for many different mobile applications!
Transport green energy easily!
GreenPack - the innovative & safe energy containment unit!
We offer the intelligent storage solution

An intelligent, efficient and robust rechargeable battery with standard interfaces.

What is the GreenPack rechargeable battery pack?

  • nominal voltage: 48 V
  • standardised shape
  • various rechargeable battery chemical compositions possible
  • various capacities possible
  • communication protocol via a CAN bus

The GreenPack battery pack as a building block for safe storage, simple transport and the mobile use of green energy.


With GreenPack rechargeable batteries, you can store renewable energies reliably, as well as transport and use them on the go.

An overview of GreenPack features


handy form, integrated grip, moderate weight


standardised electrical and geometric interfaces


use of various battery chemistry is possible


Cluster-capable (charging and discharging)


various manufactures can produce their own GreenPack under licence

Recoverable Value

recoverable investment thanks to replaceable batteries


GreenPacks can communicate via the CAN bus with charging or terminal devices


various measures taken against manipulation and forgery

What is the GreenPack system?


The GreenPack system offers solutions for safely storing and transporting green energy as well as for use in electric vehicles or electric devices. The individual storage modules can be combined to form large remote-controllable clusters, thereby stabilising volatile grids.

The GreenPack® system is composed of manually interchangeable battery modules (GreenPacks) that can be charged and used in clusters as well as compatible lightweight vehicles, devices and storage systems. The GreenPacks – the “energy containment units” are charged with “green” power individually or in a cluster in a charging station at home. They can be removed from the charging station by hand and used in vehicles or devices. If GreenPacks are not used as mobile units, the electricity can be consumed elsewhere in the household.
The dimensions and the weight of the GreenPacks allow for good handling so that city-dwellers located on higher floors can exchange the batteries of their vehicles if they not exchange them at the battery station.

GreenPacks are “open source”, meaning every manufacturer can produce them if they adhere to the standards.
The battery chemistry composition and the capacity of GreenPack batteries can vary. An intelligent detection system provides for individual charging and discharging of various batteries even as a cluster, i.e. if several different GreenPacks are connected to one another. The specific structure of GreenPack vehicles and devices is characterized by the arrangement of the batteries and allows an easy exchange of the modules. The vehicle types vary according to use requirements and the number of GreenPacks.
The GreenPacks in interchangeable storage systems are connected into large clusters to buffer renewable energy and to lower the peak demand of energy providers.

It’s now time for new sustainable solutions!

GreenPack is more than just a battery. GreenPack is a long-lasting and intelligent system to reliably store green energy, being simple to transport and use on the go.

The 3 main GreenPack application areas

GreenPack storage system

GreenPack rechargeable batteries serve as household electricity storage systems (buffer storage systems), e.g. for photovoltaic systems in flats, single-family homes or commercial operations. The GreenPack battery modules can be charged and discharged as a cluster.

GreenPack vehicles

GreenPack is the ideal rechargeable battery for lightweight electric vehicles such as pedelecs, e-scooters, kickTrikes or micro-cars. No waiting times at the charging station! Change the battery quickly and easily and off you go.

GreenPack devices

GreenPack rechargeable batteries are a perfect energy source for various mobile applications in various fields of business and for private use.

“Germany can be supplied with 100 percent of its power deriving from renewable energies by the year 2050.”

Martin Faulstich, chairman of The Expert Counsel for Environmental Issues, May 2010

GreenPack- the green energy containment unit!

This is what our customers and partners say about GreenPack:


Markus Wozniak

CEO KickTrike GmbH

“The GreenPack battery gives kickTrikes the power they require. With a single battery, you can drive 50 km without any problem at all and changing the battery takes just a few seconds.”


Miroslaw Sledzinski

CEO – Aksel Grupa

“We use the GreenPack as the standard battery in our cargo bikes and are fully satisfied. The GreenPack is efficient, robust and reliable.”


Hans-Peter Constin

CEO – Constin GmbH

“With the GreenPack system, a reliable and future-proof innovation has been brought to the market. We are proud to have promoted this development.”


Zbigniew Wyszogrodzki

CEO – Apator Control

“The GreenPack system is the ideal storage solution for photovoltaic plants.”

Would you like more technical details concerning the GreenPack battery?

GreenPack – ideal building block for “Mobility2Grid” solutions

The GreenPack offers the best foundations for interlinking the challenges faced associated
with central energy production to the new requirements posed by urban mobility.


The kickTrike is the first vehicle of the GreenPack fleet and, at the same time, offered us the first incentive to develop a reliable standard replaceable battery. From the beginning, in addition [...]

GreenPack devices

The GreenPack rechargeable batteries can be used as an energy source in various electronic devices. The compact construction with a robust, splash-proof housing makes the GreenPack an all-rounder [...]

GreenPack is the storage solution for renewable energy

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