The kickTrike is the first vehicle of the GreenPack fleet and, at the same time, offered us the first incentive to develop a reliable standard replaceable battery. From the beginning, in addition to riding fun, safety was the most important feature we worked on. As a three-wheeler, it’s wider in the front than the back, thereby offering the greatest possible safety for other participants in the mix traffic consisting of pedestrians and cyclists. The footboard of the trike is very low, so that when standing one is barely higher than a pedestrian. Should motorised writing not be allowed, it can be propelled by pushing with one foot like a scooter. The three-wheeled design and safe tilting technology ensure that it cannot tip over and remains stable when going through curves. In addition, our trike is a real everyday helper. Up to six bottle crates or a week’s worth of groceries can be transported on the front loading platform.


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