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We at GreenPack mobile energy solutions GmbH are a team of 40 engineers, developers and eMobility enthusiasts and are working from Berlin to become one of the most important drivers of the mobility transition. After the successful development of the first standard GreenPack battery, we have set ourselves the task of solving a much larger problem: we want to ensure the availability of charged batteries for mobile applications. This is where our  battery changing infrastructure, the Swobbee Station, comes into play.

In order to counteract a congested inner city and increasing air pollution, to respond to the need for individual mobility and to cope with an increased transport volume, the trend is increasingly going towards  Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) and towards an increasing number of electric sharing offers. Delivery traffic in urban areas is increasingly shifting to cargo bikes instead of delivery vans. The short range and long charging time of the batteries are problematic when using LEVs. With the Swobbee, we have developed a solution that always keeps sharing fleets ready for use.


The GreenPack battery

We have developed a standardized, portable, removable battery that is open for many applications.

Our new brand

With Swobbee you can now easily replace your empty battery so that you are on the go without limits!

Find out about our sharing points.

Our new brand

With Swobbee you can now easily replace your empty battery so that you are on the go without limits!

Find out about our sharing points.

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Enthusiasm for the energy transition, for intelligent electrical energy storage and for e-mobility are the drivers of our work.

We are always looking for new team members who make our company even better and help us to further improve our innovations and ideas.

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Carla Cargo

The well thought-out GreenPack concept with rental batteries and change infrastructure solves the known disadvantages (short ranges, high purchase price of the battery, battery wear, …) of permanently installed batteries in electric vehicles. This makes the switch from the combustion engine to the electric vehicle inexpensive and sensible. “

Eric Eisfeld
A standardized battery enables vehicle manufacturers and also companies for stationary applications to develop new products or adapt existing ones. The standardization achieves a compatibility that brings the house storage market and electromobility closer together and ultimately leads to efficiency increases, cost reductions in production and greater convenience for customers. “
Dr. Christian Milan

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With the business model #Swobbee – We share batteries, #Greenpack mobile energy solutions is among the top 20% start-ups that have been rated by Early Metrics!

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With its Swobbee business model, Greenpack is among the top 100 start-ups in 2020.

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