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We are GreenPack from the vibrant city of Berlin and stand for innovation, quality, progress and renewal. Regardless of whether you are a company or private user, we offer you new opportunities to make your company flexible.

One of our latest products, the Energybox, is at your side.

The Energybox is a portable power generator with 230 W alternating current for on the go. It provides you with electricity whenever and wherever you like. It does not matter whether you want to charge your smartphone, hand tools, computer, projector or refrigerator. It is an indispensable and reliable partner for all outdoor activities.

It is independent, has 1000W continuous power, runs quietly and is easy to use, furthermore, it is compatible with the Sortimo L-BOXX system.


Information to the box

  • 1400Wh self-sufficient energy supply

  • 1000W continuous power

  • quiet operation

  • versatile use

  • pure sinus wave

  • easily replaceable battery

The Energybox gives you the possibilities to use!

Endless power supply

The Energybox is powered by a GreenPack battery. You can either charge it in Advance at home or you stay flexible and use the Swobbee infrastructure for you.

There you can easily exchange your empty GreenPack battery for a full one. All you need is 30 seconds to do it.

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