GreenPack is the ideal storage solution for renewable energy.

Store energy when it is available and use it when it is needed.

GreenPack storage systems

Cluster storage to compensate peak loads

The battery chemistry composition and the capacity of GreenPack batteries can vary. An intelligent detection system provides for individual charging and discharging of various batteries even as a cluster, i.e. if several different GreenPacks are connected to one another. The GreenPacks in interchangeable storage systems are connected into large clusters to buffer renewable energy and to lower the peak demand of energy providers.

GreenPack cluster management

The GreenPack battery bank as a household storage system in flats

The 3 main GreenPack application areas

GreenPack storage system

GreenPack rechargeable batteries serve as household electricity storage systems (buffer storage systems), e.g. for photovoltaic systems in flats, single-family homes or commercial operations. The GreenPack battery modules can be charged and discharged as a cluster.

GreenPack vehicles

GreenPack is the ideal rechargeable battery for lightweight electric vehicles such as pedelecs, e-scooters, kickTrikes or micro-cars. No waiting times at the charging station! Change the battery quickly and easily and off you go.

GreenPack devices

GreenPack rechargeable batteries are a perfect energy source for various mobile applications in various fields of business and for private use.