Berlin wechselt in die Zukunft:

Innovative Wechselstationen für Elektrofahrzeugakkus gehen ans Netz

Berlin, 27.09.18: Ab sofort wird es in Berlin noch einfacher sein, eine nachhaltige Elektrofahrzeugflotte effizient zu betreiben. Im Rahmen eines großen Opening-Events wurde am gestrigen Mittwoch im Beisein zahlreicher Gäste aus Politik und Wirtschaft von den Projektpartnern GreenPack, eMO, BSM und BVES der Startschuss für das Pilotprojekt“Infrastruktur mit Akku Wechsel Stationen – Nutzung von standardisierten Akkumodulen mit unterschiedlichen Anwendungen und verschiedenen Partnern aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen” gegeben. Bei diesem innovativen, bundesweit einzigartigen Praxistest erproben Logistiker, Lieferdienste, Handwerker und Gewerbetreibende zusammen mit Standortpartnern die Vorteile einer grünen Energieinfrastruktur für den elektromobilen urbanen Transport.

The underlying idea is as simple as it is convincing: electric light vehicles use standardized, high-performance battery packs from the Berlin startup GreenPack, which can be replaced easily, quickly and at any time of the day at exchange stations distributed around the city for fully charged batteries. The system therefore has the potential to reduce transport traffic to a more sustainable and efficient level. The station network is usefully supplemented by a mobility offer that is also unique in this form: from now on, a large fleet of environmentally friendly e-cargo bikes as well as further two- and four-wheel electric light vehicles are available for short and long-term rentals – including access to the innovative changing infrastructure.

Energiewende in Reichweite

“Our vision is becoming reality: After many months of intensive preparation with numerous partners, we are opening Germany’s first replacement infrastructure for electric vehicle batteries in Berlin today. We are very proud and convinced that this intelligent and future-proof system will provide a building block for a truly sustainable energy transition” , explains Thomas Duscha, Business Development Manager at GreenPack, who developed the exchange stations.

Ziel: bundesweite Energieinfrastruktur

für Städte und Kommunen

The station network is to be gradually expanded, taking account of the growing importance of electromobility. Berlin is only the beginning, as Tobias Breyer, Marketing & Innovations Manager at GreenPack, explains: “We will use the experience we have gained with this pilot project to set up a green energy infrastructure in other cities in Germany. Therefore,we can offer municipalities and companies a flexible, everyday solution that enables a risk-free switch to electric vehicles. A solution that not least also benefits the residents of the cities. “

Politicians also emphasized the future-oriented approach of the ecosystem consisting of standardized battery packs and innovative change machines, which enable intelligent storage and use as required. Dr. Ingrid Nestle, who was one of the guest speakers as spokeswoman for energy management for the Green Party parliamentary group, was also enthusiastic about the numerous startups present and the mobility solutions shown, which will actively shape the energy transition in the future.

Interested users can still participate in the pilot project after yesterday’s starting signal and become part of tomorrow’s mobility today.