Cargotrike VS 3E cargo bike is presenting this robust cargo trike. Thanks to the strong mid-mounted motor and a sufficient level of energy provided by a GreenPack rechargeable battery, even large payloads can be [...]

Carla Cargo Trailer

Carla Cargo is an efficient bike trailer and trolley for large and bulky payloads. With the strong electric motor and two powerful disc brakes, the ride becomes a safe and enjoyable driving [...]

GreenPack transformer

A GreenPack is impressive due to its handiness. To increase the number of application options, we are working on solutions to convert 48V DC into 230V, with the least amount of loss possible. Let [...]

Battery station

A rechargeable battery really then makes sense if it is used in the system. In this way, together with partners from the fields of science, business and politics, we would like to create a public [...]

Solar storage device

Solar energy is a strongly volatile energy source. To maximise the solar-energy gain and use it appropriately, decentralised storage systems are necessary. GreenPack rechargeable batteries can be [...]